I’m definitely not an expert.

People sometimes joke or ask me often about starting a genre specific blog, possibly a style or beauty blog and some ask me to help them choose makeup products, facial products and even sometimes as me to do their makeup (which goes horribly, I could never be a cosmetologist). Props to you ladies who have the patience and passion to help others feel beautiful, you are wonderful and SO TALENTED WOW give me some of that ability please.

The story goes as follows, this blog has no pattern, no set dates for posting and no set topics to cover. This was done for a reason, I dabble in a lot of areas but the only thing that I believe I do well is writing. Writing is my constant and I use that platform to express my experiences and what I think works well for me.

This by all means does not mean that i’m a fashion expert, I just know what I like and I run with it…that is the reason that my fashion taste remains nameless. Makeup, I know almost absolutely nothing about… i’m new to this game but I love it so much. I love toying with new face and makeup products daily and going through incredible experiences with trial runs like the Influenster box (https://www.influenster.com/).

But this is the same reason that I should never be in charge of anyone else’s makeup choices, because I believe your inner and outer beauty is purely your choice. Of course i’ll go shopping with you and tell you when I love or hate things, as friends do but I promise you that it is you yourself who knows what you want. I could throw clothing items and makeup brands your way all day but I promise you I haven’t a clue what i’m doing.

I love clothing, I love expressing myself through what I wear and I love toying with makeup and skin care products but i’m just that….a tester of sorts. I love trying things on for size, going into trends and products without testing them or digging into the research side of these topics.

Who knows, a couple of years from now I may begin to do that but for now…i’m just me, the same girl who was convinced that she’d look great with finger-less neon pink gloves and cheap lower pencil liner (don’t do it, it hurts so bad) in middle school except i’ve traded in those gloves and pencils for gel liner and skater skirts but I promise you…i’m still a follower, still a tester and nowhere near an expert.

Love you,

Missy ♥


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