To Beach or Not to Beach

Crystal clear blue waters

Burning white sands

Waves that curl so picture perfectly.

People getting together, having fun and making new sepia filtered photographs for a rainy day.

….Or at least that’s  what they look like on movies or on television. I can’t say that i’ve ever been to a beach. In 2014, I lived in Orlando Florida for six months without going to a beach. I’d like to say that I was way too busy to make time for it but at the end of the day I know it was sheer laziness.

I’ve seen people’s computer backgrounds and Instagram posts though and I know the beach has to be beautiful. No one has ever said anything bad about the beach so I know it has to be just as i’ve pictured it.

I have seen many surfer movies and youtube vlogs and I know that the beach is a place that brings people together. Away from their devices for the most part, except for those special moments where someone takes a selfie stick out and gets everyone in the group in the shot, holding glasses and pulling weird faces.

The beach in my hometown is average and it is so small that I don’t count it as a beach. I have been there, so some could say I was lying to you but I promise that its not like that. It’s not a beach like on windows default wallpapers or on someone vine of the waves kissing the shore with “paradise” in the caption.

Instead my “beach” is where the waves touch the murky Mississippi river and cracked beer bottles plague the surface. The sand is multicolored but I have to give it credit, in the August sun…its freakin’ hot. But what I also notice about the Beach in my hometown is that the attitude of the people…..doesn’t change.

Just because the water is murky, there is a copious amount of litter on the shore and there is a questionable amount of actual land to stand on….people still have a good time. I see Instagram posts, Facebook photo-sets and tweets about having a “good time with good people.” Then I realized that just because our “beach” isn’t picturesque doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthy of that title.

Though I am an introvert and the idea of being around tons of drunk people in a close proximity terrifies me (which means I will totally bar it up when i’m 21), I can see the value and why people love our little oasis. In the Midwest, especially where i’m from many people can’t make it out to the luxurious white sands of a California waterfront and that is okay.

Because no matter where they are, there is some sand, some water and some good friends to make anywhere a five star experience.

So that leads me to rethink this question, Have I been to a beach?

Yes; yes I have.

Missy ♥

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