She felt normal.

As her eyelids opened, she lifts her body to a sitting position.

She raises her arms to the ceiling and eases out of bed

Her feet bounce atop the carpet on her way to the bathroom.

The florescent lights spotlight her figure that appears in that reflection.

Her eyes gaze at the floor tiles and she takes a breath.

She touches her face with caution, then she lets her hands trail further.

Her hands cross in front of her chest as she touches her forearms, her hands meet in the middle.

They touch briefly before wrapping around her own waist.

She rubs her stomach in random motion, her hands colliding but continuing to race around with no finish line.

She takes another deep breath and closes her eyes.

Her fingers gravitate toward her thighs, tracing small circles toward the center until she quickly grabs at the skin and her breath stabs her throat.

She lets go and bends at the knees.

She feels her hands travel down to her feet.

At the floor she takes three more deep breaths.

She rises to the mirror once more and opens her eyes.

She looks at herself and a wide smile appears across her face.

Reaching out she touches the cold mirror, staring into her own eyes.

“It’s me.” she whispers, her hand sliding to the frame at the bottom of the mirror.

“I love it.”



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