How to wait for the Disney College Program

As I have begun the waiting period for my Summer Disney college program, the struggle bus has started. The fact that anyone could possibly only focus on school for two more months when they know they’ll be working in the happiest place on earth for the summer is the cruelest form of torture. In the midst of my less than patient waiting period, I have developed a list of ideas that my fellow future DCP friends can use to pass the time and more importantly, annoy everyone who follows you on the internet.

  1. Start a countdown

We all know that counting down makes anything seem unbelievably closer to happening…or at least if you’re me it helps. Start a countdown on your phone, your wall or your social media to help you become a little more excited each day as that number goes down. Fair warning, everyone will go from “aw that’s so cute she’s so excited” to “omg just let her go already” in like 5 days but reminder, this is for you and not for them so don’t worry about annoying anyone.


2. Join all of the DCP groups on Facebook/follow blogs that are already on their DCP

Who is going to understand your excitement more than other Disney people? The answer is no one and even though there may only be a slight possibility for you and the people you met online to hang out…there will always be the most random times where you see a suddenly see a familiar face and reconnect. In the meantime, the posts on these groups are quite frequent so if you ever need a Disney pick-me-up to re-energize your excitement, there is always something there for you. Also, adding blogs that are already in Disney could help answer future questions as well as allow you to find more ideas about what you want to accomplish on your program.


3. Watch your favorite Disney movies or television shows in preparation

Your friends may hate you for playing the Tangled soundtrack while spinning around your apartment but filling your head with the sounds and love of Disney can continue to warm your heart until you leave. Whether it is the classics like Oliver and Company or 101 Dalmatians or newer additions like Big Hero 6 or The Force Awakens, you’ve already committed to the Disney lifestyles, so why don’t you solidify it with mini marathons of your faves?


4. Start a “DCP checklist” and learn more about lesser known Disney facts

I’ve seen so many people post their checklists on Tumblr on Facebook and i’m planning on starting one as well. Compile a list of things that you know you must accomplish while you’re in the parks, resorts or Orlando in general. Do some research and figure out plans that you didn’t know existed or that you weren’t able to complete on your last program/visit. It’s hard to do everything in Disney of course, but a game plan is never a bad thing and it will only make you more excited to complete the list in a few short months.


5. Most importantly…..don’t slack off, live life…Disney will come soon

I know you’re excited to come home but you can’t let your excitement weigh you down. You have papers, exams and events to devote your time to while you wait. Disney is way closer than you think and it will be magical when it rolls around. While you wait, don’t forget to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones because you won’t see them for awhile and as exciting as working for Disney is, you will miss them so cherish the little things for a little while longer, trust me.


Have a magical wait,



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