Dear middle school me;

I realized when I truly think about my past and who I’ve become….I’ve changed a lot, so I decided to give some advice to my younger self. Here ya go ya emotional, pop punk, piece of work, I love you but oh did you stress me out.

Lower liner is not for you.

I know, all your friends have recently convinced you that makeup is necessary and the lower liner is all the rage but lets be real here, you don’t know how to apply it. by the end of the day, almost stabbing yourself in the eye isn’t worth having your 2 dollar generic brand eyeliner down to your cheekbones. I promise you, use liquid liner and only line your top lid, it works wonders on your wide eyes.

Let mom in. She cares about you.

I know, you’re going through a lot. You aren’t thin, you aren’t outgoing and you aren’t funny… hard as you try…I promise you aren’t but listen here, just because you are dragging around all that emotional baggage, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. You may not want to hear her advice, mostly because she is right. But hey, try it once, really listen to her. Care about what she has to say, because she cares about you….a lot. She puts up with your P!ATD scream sessions, oh i’m sorry…your singing and she deals with you hogging the computer at all hours of the night to reblog Alex Gaskarth, give her a few seconds of your time and just let her know.

Music is going to save you from yourself

Right now, you’re just getting into listening to Allstar Weekend, let me tell you that this dumb band is going to lead you straight to new genres of music and hundreds of your new favorite artists. Cherish the moments you spend in concert venues, meeting artists and screaming on the top of your lungs. These moments will help you in the future when you’re at your lowest. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, between you and music and it’s far from over.

Finally… yourself

I know you are constantly judging yourself and comparing yourself to your thinner and smarter and confident friends….knock it off. Middle school boys, especially the boy on your mind, is not worth a millisecond of your time. You have a beautiful heart, you have several amazing friends and you have a family that will care about you no matter how many Allstar Weekend quotes you state or how many concerts you beg your mom to drive you to. Embrace your weird, others already have.

Stay true to yourself, don’t try to be who everyone else is. You are sensitive but you are so caring and loving. Trust yourself, don’t sweat the small stuff, that test, that boy and that school will be gone before you know it. High school….that’s even a bigger mess but trust me, it’s no monster that you can’t beat.

I believe in you.

Stay strong.

Missy ♥



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