Do you ever feel “undateable”

Sometimes when you are alone in your room you have a horrifying realization that you are in fact, 20 years old and you would rather spend the day in your room taking “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” buzzfeed quizzes and watch “New Girl” instead of trying to get yourself out there and meet people.

You find yourself rejecting invitations from friends and turning off the light in your room so that not even your inanimate objects can look at you. It’s about the third episode in, your candle is flickering and you are giggling to yourself so loudly you start to even hate yourself when you begin to wonder….should I want anyone else here?

You begin to fret because you haven’t really cared up to this moment, you’ve been content by yourself, lounging after a day of studying and working. Are you supposed to want to socialize? Are you supposed to feel this at ease alone in your room? Is the fact that you cringe every time complains about having no one to cuddle mean that you are completely soulless?

Chill love. You don’t need to feel anything that is unnatural to you. You could be working all the time and these lonely hours are treasured wonders that only happen so often. You could still be recovering from a break-up and the idea of having human contact could be the last thing you want to even think about.

Being alone, doesn’t mean that you are lonely. 

This applies to people in relationships too….now now don’t go running to your significant other and say “this irrelevant twenty-something blogger said I should ignore you lol bye.” No, i’m not saying that you can’t be with your significant other every free second of your day because some people love that! What i’m saying is, if you are introverted like myself, sometimes even when you have someone special in your life…you need “me time.”

Watching your favorite show or movie, making your favorite food for a party of one and enjoy the peace of your own existence doesn’t mean that you are disrespecting your relationship, some people need that time to re energize, reevaluate or relax. Don’t panic, this is NORMAL.

Even if you love them so so very much, sometimes you’d like to watch Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World without having to describe the history of the comic books, introduce characters and plot lines and try to explain to another human why this movie is necessary to life. Sometimes you just need yourself and your bed, your laptop and a cup of tea to enjoy little things in life.

What i’m saying is….do your thing. Live your life. Take that “me time” and cherish it, don’t regret it.

As a wise old Tom Haverford once said…


– Missy



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