The galaxy needs you

Hey you, yes you with the frown on your face and the unsettling feeling in your stomach.

You. Are. Fantastic.

You may sit there wondering why you’re here, what your purpose is and how unshaken the world would be without your presence. I know, I’ve been there too but good news…

You, are the only you in the entire you in the entire universe.

That means that literally no one on earth can replace you… cool is that? Without you in the world, we would lose one sparkling and beautiful individual with a caring heart and a glowing smile. I could go on and on with compliments about you, i’m sort of obsessed with you.

You are so unique. That one thing you do that you hate, I love that thing no one else does that thing the way that you do. The way your nose crinkles when you smile, the way your eyes well up with tears when you’re nervous or the way that your freckles begin to appear in the early sunny days of the summer….I personally love it all.

You may believe that no one will notice that you’re gone but I can guarantee that someone will. That kid in your math class who always exchanges smiles with you every Monday morning, your neighbor who sees you walk across the hall to class every single day or maybe your professor, your mother, your best friend or your brother….I know someone notices you and will notice you if you disappear.

You have flaws, I get it, it’s hard but you learn to love them too. I learn to love my stretch marks, my chubby thighs and nose and the way my body wears my clothes. You can do it too, I believe in you. Take a breath and look in the mirror, let yourself hear all the beautiful words, shed a little tear.

The galaxy needs you, I need you…..stay here. Be here. I see you.

Missy ♥


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