Why I’m okay with being deemed as “awkward”

Many people in my life have told me that I am a little awkward and I will always agree.

This term may have a negative connotation attached to it but I wear it like a badge of honor. I feel this way because many people over use the word. They will spill a glass of water or trip once and say they are “so awkward” where as I can look them straight in the face and question….”are you really though?”

I trip over flat surfaces, I wave at people who aren’t actually waving at me, I can’t look boys in the eyes when I talk to them and usually when I tell a joke…it comes out more perverted or questionable than it sounded in my head. I snort….loudly and practically dry heave when I laugh, I also laugh at literally anything that anyone says. This leads to their reaction of “what’s so funny” and then me speechless….because I have no idea why i’m laughing.

I invented the idea of “mom dancing”, extenuating the finger point and the arm worm as my friends stare at me….horrified at my existence. I never know how long to keep eye contact or how to keep a conversation going. I leave texts sitting for approximately 1332349 days and then complain when my friends don’t answer. When I see anyone do anything, I yell “Same” and my friends look down at the ground as if to get away from me. Most importantly, I never know how loud I talk when I have headphones in ((very loud)).

To be honest, i’m not sure why anyone even talks to me anymore because i’m a walking talking disaster zone. Though this doesn’t upset it because every single time that I tell someone that I am “extremely awkward” and they say “no you’re not” I can march up to them, tripping on a dent on the carpet on the way and say “yes….oh yes I am.” I can never be told that i’m over exaggerating because if you ask my friends……

I am, the definition of awkward.

Stay Weird,

Missy ♥


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