What I could say….

I could say that I have so much on my plate this semester that I should just give up and drop out….but as i’m sitting at my desk, rubbing my temples as i’m trying to analyse poems for my class on Monday, I remember how lucky I truly am.

Coming from my past, I probably shouldn’t have been given the chances I have. I was a stubborn high schooler who couldn’t have cared less about my education. I built up the idea that somehow I was going to be successful, yet I was doing nothing to achieve progress toward that goal.

Flash forward to college, where I realized that no one was going to hold my hand, I needed to take the reins and push myself forward in order to do well in school and in life. So I studied my butt off to prove myself worthy to restart my life.

From there I just became more aware of how blessed I truly am. I was given the gift of the Disney College Program at 18 years old and living on your own for 6 months in a city that you know nothing about, is enough to make you inevitably grow up quickly. After all my experiences in Florida, I was determined to make something of my life.

So now I appreciate all that has been given to me, my chance at a higher education with the help of my hard-working mother and all of the amazing professors and friends I’ve made at school. The chance of working at one of the world’s largest companies (hopefully again soon) and most importantly….a chance to reach my dreams.

I appreciate the friends I’ve met, the friends I kept and the connections I’ve made through school and WDW. Without all of the amazing people in my life, I would have been left a workaholic mess that couldn’t find the beauty outside of a textbook. Thank you guys from reminding me that its okay to step outside and breathe, take a break and have some fun every once in awhile.

All of this doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated when I have an immense amount of homework or feel like chucking my laptop at the wall when writing a paper now and then. What it means is that even those horrible experiences, I see as part of the process of growing up and the path to my future.

So bring it on life, i’m ready.

Missy ♥


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