What you learn in the dark

You’re surrounded by a calming blanket of nothingness as you nestle into you bed at night. After putting away the world, you stare up at the ceiling and you think. As cliche as late night thoughts may seem, to most we find them inevitable. It’s not so easy to shut down an anxious and creative young mind.

I think that there is a comfort in nothing staring back at you while you dive into those deep thoughts before you close your eyes. No one can judge or stare at you alone in the darkness. Your emotions are held back for no one as you venture out into your own mind.

Here are some of the things, you learn in the dark:

You found out that this boy you’ve been chasing for months, isn’t actually worth it. You realize that you’ve done all you could and as the tears fall to each side of the pillow case, you’re sure of it. You also find yourself. You find out how strong you are and how much you deserve.

You found out that you are so insecure about your future career. Your mind pulsates at the thought of applying for professional positions. You also find passion, as you go through this rush of sudden adulthood you found something that you love. You love it so much you can’t bear the thought of missing out on your dream.

You realized that you are growing up and people leave and things change. Your mind is finally wrapping around the idea of who is in it for the long haul. You’re in or about to be in college, you’re moving across country, you lost your best friend yesterday…..everything from childhood seems to be evaporating. You also find hope and strength as you find out who you truly are and the person that you want to be. Through the pain you grow stronger, you make new memories and new friendships and you finally meet…. you.

You determine that your life is in shambles.  You have no money, you can’t find a job, the student loans are filing in and your rent is due next week . As you scream out in distress you also realize that you have family and friends to pick you up. You may be at you’re lowest, there is no way to bring you up but what you don’t know is that they have their arms latched tight to yours and they won’t let you budge. They will watch you struggle until you stop, relax and realize they’ve got you and will help you out as much as they can.

The dark tells so many stories and evokes many emotions, but when that sun peers through your window and the morning invites you in….take a chance and prove the dark wrong. Be your own lantern in a pitch black forest and find your way through. The dark may push you back but the light will guide you through.




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