Child of The Internet, Product of Pop Culture

I was in middle school when I really became fascinated with the idea of pop culture, celebrities and the internet. My mother was obviously concerned because of the amount of hours I would waste watching “vlogs” and “beauty tutorials”, mostly due to the fact that she didn’t see how I could be entertained with others’ everyday lives. Though I wished I could explain to her how much more it was that mindless entertainment.

People constantly nag on kids about always being on the internet and caring more about it than what’s happening in their lives but i’m here to say that the internet changed my life.

Through the internet, I have realized the amazing opportunities that it can open. Especially wanting to work in the media industry, I love to watch the advances we make in the job market. Who would have thought that a YouTuber could be worth as much as a CEO of a huge corporation?

People give internet “celebrities” a bad name and say that they don’t do anything to deserve the paycheck they receive but i’d have to disagree. Living through the growth of the online entertainment market, especially youtube based content I’ve seen the idea of becoming closer to your audience than ever before.

Viewers grow up with these ordinary people who are brave enough to showcase their talents and lives online. Through the growth of an audience, the viewers also watch these “ordinary people” get to do extraordinary things. I believe this butterfly transformation helps kids realize their potential.

Critics are right, YouTubers may be just like you and I but because they lend themselves to the public eye and people enjoy their content and watching their growth, these average Joes get to live their dreams and encourage your kids to do the same.

Finn and Jack aka “JacksGap” on youtube is a beautiful example of using the internet to better the world. The twins who started as average vloggers were able to capture enough traffic that now they are able to travel the world and make a difference ( Tyler Oakley has made a large impact as well as he has broken many records in donations for the LGBT community through his videos for “The Trevor Project.”

Not only do these internet celebrities enforce the idea of new media career possibilities and increase insight on world issues but they are one in the same with television and movie fan bases, they create a family. Looking into some of the tags on Tumblr and other social media, many people make long lasting bonds with others through the lives of these internet superstars.

Some kids find their lives dull, find it hard to make friends or carry on with their differences. In a way, watching someone who is just as average as you are, just with a video camera, do the things that you dream to do only pushes for that dream. There are so many ways that you can impact the world and with these new outlets like YouTube, reaching thousands of people in a day could be the work of just a few clicks.

I know that through the idea of youtube, I have found out how to dress for my body type but still look fashion forward, I have found self love. I have found out that I can do anything no matter what mental illness may seem to weigh me down, I have found acceptance and growth. the impact of how powerful random acts of kindness can be to the world around me, I have gained empathy.

So before you judge YouTubers or confuse your child’s love for the internet with a problem, think of all the ideas and possibilities made possible through that same computer screen. Realize that the internet is the future and honestly, watching YouTube videos is becoming one of the new forms of normal entertainment. Allow your kids to explore and find out what they are capable of and what possibilities lie ahead for them, whatever they are passionate about.

Love the internet,

Missy Farni ♥



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