“True Love”

When watching a romantic comedy, do you not root for the best friends who date others, only to realize by the end that they love each other? Or the ugly duckling who blossoms by the end of the movie, tearing apart the heartthrob and his girl? Though when these instances happen…in real life, the judgement is so much harsher.

How come, in the fictional worlds, we are okay with people having multiple relationships in a short amount of time for the sake of true love? While in real life, if a boy or girl moves on too quickly, they are seen as a player or desperate? Is there any way to know how life works in the way of love?

You can’t plan love, you can’t tell love “hey, chill out for at least six months after I break up with Jimmy so i’m not judged.” People fall into your life at the most random times and the feeling may be so strong it can not wait. In my opinion, that is more than okay.

Also, I am a firm believer that casual dating still exists…you aren’t inclined to further onto a long relationship or marriage with anyone you’re dating.

I read an article recently, bashing a female celebrity for dating “too many” guys in a span of time which I think is just silly. Things don’t work out and people change. You have no idea what her feelings were like within each relationship, nor her partner’s. As much as we try to believe that we know every single part of famous people’s lives….we just can’t understand their innermost feelings, just like many who do not know us personally can’t understand ours.

I think we need to rise up to the idea of fate, the right people will fall into our lives when they should and this may be quickly or long after a relationship.

We need to rise up the idea of dating just to date and allowing for feelings to be at all different levels. Not every couple dates will end in a world wind romance that sets your heart a blaze but that is definitely okay.

Finally, we have to rise up the idea of less judgement. This is the hardest for people because we assume we know what the best is for everyone. The truth is, we probably don’t even know what’s best for us. Let people express their own feelings and love their own love.

Feelings are precious and love varies due to different situations, your situation is never the same as your neighbors so don’t try to treat them that way.

Begin to love truthfully and realistically,

Missy ♥


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