How to survive that Finals Freakout

It’s that time of year again that all college students dread, finals week. It’s the last push for all of your projects and exams and as you cram and cry about all the work you still have to complete by Monday morning. All of these feelings may have you surging with anxiety, making you uneasy. So here are some reminders for you going into the home stretch.

  1. Remember, it will all get done if you want it to.
    • Many people (myself included) stress about all the work in front of them, acting as if the mountain of stress is never ending. What’s actually happening is that you are spending all the time you could be using to finish these projects…worrying about your projects never getting done. Take a deep breath dear, if you work hard and you want to get these projects done…they will get done because you make time to finish them. Say hello to late nights and all-nighters but at the end of the semester, you’ll be satisfied at the fact you survived.
  2. Taking breaks from studying won’t kill you
    • I am the biggest culprit of sitting down and finishing something in one sitting because of the fear of never getting back on track. Remember that it’s healthy to let your brain relax for 10-15 minutes while you are studying, as long as you remind yourself to get back to work afterwards. Don’t be afraid to take a step back after three hours of studying chemistry, your sanity will thank you later.
  3. It’s okay to get upset.
    • Don’t think that you have to stay strong all the time. People get stressed out and everyone understands this feeling. Talk to someone for a little bit and vent about what’s affecting your head. Take that break and get some fresh air and call your mother. Change the topic and go to your next subject. You’re not in this alone, use your resources and don’t bottle it up.
  4. Ask your professors for help.
    • If you are having last minute worries and you want a second opinion, shoot your professors an email. This may be harder for people at larger universities, in that case ask someone in your life to look it over, family or friends. Getting another pair of eyes to look over your work or help you answer questions will save your racing brain during the final project or exam. There are many people around that would be more than willing to help you, if you reach out to them.
  5.  Appreciate yourself.
    • Many people around this time start to doubt themselves and their major, thinking that they just aren’t good enough. That is the furthest from true. Take time out of your day to remember the things that you’ve done that make you proud over the semester. This will re energize the idea of the great work that you do accomplish. Remind yourself how fantastic you can be and will be this finals week.

And with this, I bid you all ado. Good luck on your finals my loves. You will rock their socks off and before you know it, another finals week will draw to a close.

……And just remember, we are SO close to winter break!

Missy ♥


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