To the boy who’s falling in love with the girl who’s never been loved right.

So you’re falling for this perfect girl in front of you but every time you push to further your relationship, you realize that she seems hesitant. She says doesn’t like labels and avoids the subject of future plans. You begin to fret, worry if she wants to be around you at all. The truth is, she wants more but also the idea of a relationship scares her to death.

She knows the routine all too well.

She cares too much and the boy doesn’t care enough. She puts her heart on the line only to be left without a tug. She knows that there is a possibility of it ending badly because she knows it always does. The reason she pulls away from your advances isn’t because she doesn’t feel the same way, it’s actually because she knows she does.

She loves you and that’s terrifying. She’s tired of being sad, being used and broken. She’s tired of not believing that love that is real and strong exists. It’s not that she was ever unsure about her feelings but that she was always unsure of yours. She looks at you like you put the stars in the sky and she’s never second-guessed that.

So make sure that she knows how wrong she’s been, remind her that you’re in it for the long haul. Let her know how loved she truly is and make sure it’s obvious. This may seem tedious but it is actually the small things that remind her that it’s okay to fall in love. She needs that extra push to realize it’s okay to let people in and let people catch her fall. She’s in love with you, know that but know that she needs the same from you.


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