“Falling in love in a record shop”

For years I have heard over and over again the overused plot line of the boy and the girl who meet in a record shop, bond over their shared tastes in music and fall in love. I am one of the first people to roll their eyes at cliche scenes as such but there is always a part of me that wonders what it would be like to meet a stranger in public and that person becomes the most important being in your life. It was a stream of consciousness that lead me to the reason why this idea seems so swoon worthy to me.

You and him, surrounded by the somber songs of the artists. 

In these rows on rows of songs about love lost and pain felt you feel something completely new. This feeling sends shivers down your spine with anticipation. In between the rows of turmoil and heartbreak, a single sunflower sprouts. Your cheeks grow warm as he compliments the way that you speak about your love for The Ramones. 

You become your own indie classic love story. The two broken hearts who felt happiness in the aisles of the lost and the broken. You two were able to bring a vibrant tune of new found and clumsy love. You’ve both been hurt and relied on music to guide you through.

But what you didn’t know was that the same solemn tune, slowly playing in the background of this cramped, run down record store would be your ticket to the best show you’ve seen in years, your own happiness.

So yeah, now that I think about it…I totally get the idea of romanticizing meeting someone in a record store and falling in love. Now about that Landon Pigg nonsense about falling in love in a coffee shop, that’s beyond me….at least for today.



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