Just Being.

So I had your weekly “oh my goodness my life is in shambles” freak out the other morning….And then I realized how obsessed I am with the future. Sometimes I think about how pushed we are to achieve things quickly. We want a career and a family and true love all right now. I think that this fear of the inevitable, looming big world can take a toll on most college students, myself included. These thoughts also stop us from realizing the amazing things that sit before us.

This semester, only a month in and I have an amazing group of friends who make me laugh harder that I have in awhile. We learn and grow from each other, every one of us is so different. We sit around and just crack jokes at each other and watch classic movies. Friendships like these, moments like these are so important to me yet right after i’m done hanging out with them, I begin to worry about what’s coming next week. Nothing had even happened yet and I was having a panic attack about getting it done.

Why is it so hard to dwell in the present? Because we feel as if we don’t prepare every second of every day, the worst possible thing will happen. Failure. Failure forms a dark cloud above all of us time and time again. We want to be successful, intelligent, marketable and how will hanging out with your friends apply to these goals at all?

My thought is this, at the end of the day…..all brains need a break. If we didn’t allow this, we’d all go absolutely insane. We work hard so we deserve to have time to enjoy the life we work so hard for as well. Hug your friends tightly, love each other deeply and take care of one another.


Missy ♥



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