Wearing what I want and feeling pretty good about it.

If you would have asked me in high school if I would have been caught dead in a crop top or high waisted shorts I would have laughed in your face. My baggy tee shirts and my long jeans, drenched in water because I refused to put in effort to get them hemmed did just fine. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with dressing casually. Everyone loves a nice pair of sweats and a comfy tshirt every once in awhile but I realized that I dressed this way not for comfort but more as a mask.

Being insecure about the way I looked didn’t sum up half of how I felt when I was younger. After high school, I started to experiment with the way I looked. I decided to dress up a little here and there and try to put in an effort. This felt good. I felt confident. I’m not stick thin, i’m not leggy and my hair….well that’s a post for later. Though all of my flaws, I found something that makes me feel good, my own style.

Flash forward to this year and I can’t wait to pick out my outfits for the coming days. I love dressing up, I love toying with make up and I love the way that expressing myself through fashion makes me happy. It honestly makes me smile every time someone compliments my outfits or my hair or my makeup because honestly, I spend time doing them. I’m proud of what I put together.

My advice to any girls who love fashion but are too nervous to try things because of their body type….I say do it anyway! You don’t know how liberating it feels to look in the mirror, thrilled about what you’re going to wear today. You’ll notice that it will make you feel happier even possibly more confident than ever before.

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