Why I feel so confident to post horrible things to the internet

Most things people like to keep close to them, write in a private journal or just keep in the corner of their mind for a rainy day, I feel differently about the situation. Everyone complains about oversharing on the internet, you shouldn’t take your frustration out on millions of people who probably could care less. To me, that may be true but also we have such an amazing platform for the exact opposite, the small part of the internet that does care.

I write again and again about my battle with anxiety publicly not only to help me feel relieved but in hopes that others dealing with the problems can realize that they aren’t alone. It’s scary, putting yourself out there I won’t lie. Everyone on my feed knows how dark some of my past has been but I want the people still stuck in the dark to feel like they can approach me with questions or just vent to me. Talk to someone because that’s something I kept bottled up for a large part of my life.

Keeping my feelings bottled up just lead to more antisocial and depressive behaviors that aren’t healthy and that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Since deciding to become an open book, I remember that there are people out there that count on me to become strong. Some may feel like that is a burden on someone but to me it’s something to help me to become more confident and strong. I could possibly help another, merely by helping myself. It’s help me overcome so many hurdles in life and I know there’s tons more to come after.

Being brutally honest on the internet isn’t for everyone but it’s definitely for me. It keeps me on the right track of becoming a tougher human being, in hopes that many other people suffering with my disorder do the same and save themselves from so much unnecessary self-loathing and worrying.

Stay strong,

Missy ♥ ♥


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