Story-telling sounds a bit childish when it’s first spoken but the truth is, it’s one of the best and one of the most intriguing ways I’ve been able to get to know others better. Through a story, you can express your emotions, events and lessons to others and in turn you could hear as similar story. I feel like shared experiences and feelings bring people closer together, help us become in tune with one another.

As a writer, it’s rather cliche for me to say that it’s my goal in life to tell stories because that seems obvious. From the inside, it’s not as self-explanatory. As a writer, I feel a lot of empathy, listen to many stories and dive into deeper connections. I crave learning about people and cultures far from my own. I want to explore the unknown and then share my view to the world.

I also feel like my career is leading me to share my own experiences from what seems to be a outside point of view. Through characters, I want to let people know they aren’t alone. Someone just like them exists and understands. This way just like I have for years, at least one person could pick it up and reflect. Through words I could possibly give ideas or tips that may possibly help someone better understand what’s possible for them.

Through journalism, I learn how to approach others stories in a way that expresses to the public who they are. This is just as important as writing from experience because it involves you dropping your bias, your preconceived ideas and notions and listening. As a writer, i’ve noticed that some people love to tell you their ideas, their thoughts but may not think of themselves as someone able to piece them into order to tell them on paper.

This leaves so many beautiful stories untold. This is the best part about writing, expressing these stories aloud. Allowing people to take a dive into what they do not understand. I know that when I see or read a story that is incredibly well-told and developed, it strikes something inside me, something I remember forever.

I would never say that i’m a fully developed writer, but that never stops me from trying. If that story-telling feeling inside of you ignites when you speak, let the wildfire begin. You never know who you may effect and who you may inspire.


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