Missy’s Really Groovin’ Into August


This is a start to hopefully more posts like this on my blog, where I get talk about all of my favorite things in the wonderful land of music. And so we begin with my favorites for the past month of July!

Favorite band this month:

PVRIS: oH my goodness you guys I can not stop talking about this band’s sound. Headed by the absolutely stellar Lynn Gunn, pvris’ sound is a perfect blend of punk rock and electronica. You literally can not help but move when you listen to their track and i’m obsessed.

Current favorite tracks

  • “My House”
  • “St. Patrick”


Halsey: Halsey’s sound is so unique I don’t think that I could pinpoint a comparison between her and any other artist i’ve listened to recently. Each track is full of pure vulnerability, her music is definitely emotional which I  love because I enjoy to peer into an artist’s brain for a little bit and her lyrics are beautifully tragic poetry that I just always want more of.

Current favorite tracks

  • “Ghost”
  • “Hold Me Down”

George Ezra: George was someone that I really got into rather late into the month. I was obsessed with his single that was playing on the radio for awhile but it wasn’t until recently that I dove into more of his music. He is the perfect example of “wait what? That voice is coming out of that body?” His voice is smooth and calming and he’s a constant on my nightly, calming playlist.

Current Favorite Tracks

  • “Budapest”
  • “Barcelona”

Favorite Album 

My favorite album I listened to this month was Max Schneider’s Debut EP That actually dropped last year but I have it on repeat right now! I’ve always loved Max and his Ne-yo charm and distinct RNB take on top 40 pop hits but this EP has me absolutely hooked!! His EP is full of sweet love lyrics and impeccable vocals that make every girl “swoon”

Favorite tracks:

  • “Darling”
  • “Mug Shot”

Favorite Song

My favorite song this month has to be “Black Magic” By Little Mix, It’s just a really fun pop song about boys and spells and all those good things. Little Mix has a tendancy to always impress me because the way that all four ladies voices blend is “practically perfect in every way” Honestly though, if you love pop music, power girl groups and amazing harmonies….this song AND group is for you!

Missy ♥

Follow me through the next month with my august spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/1251590503/playlist/3tLmUrVXD3dGydBW9Lopgi


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