Dream a little dream of life – Entry #1

What I have found myself doing on more than one occasion is living vicariously through other peoples lives. PEOPLE ARE SO COOL. They are all around the world, starting clothing lines, doing amazingly cool vacations and adventures…then I pause and look around at the fact that i’m sitting on my bed, alone in the middle of Iowa……I feel like I fall short of an imaginary mark that I set for myself.

That’s when I start to panic. I look at my life and believe that i’m going absolutely nowhere. There are plenty of people my age constantly doing cool things and i’m inadequate.  I talk down my life until the point where I hit that 3 a.m. quarter life crisis and then abuptly pass out in the middle of thinking.

THIS IS A DANGEROUS PATTERN YOU SEE.  So I decided that here, on my blog….i’m going to start writing my dreams…and not just in any boring paragraph but as THEE most confident me in the world. I have big dreams and if I want to even come close to achieving them, I have to believe them right?

So let’s start shall we?


I have lived in the Midwest, in Iowa all of my life. After college i’m packing my bags and letting my heart take me where it believes it’s best. It may not be right away but it would be shortly after. I know it will be hard and not every experience may be a good one but if I don’t try I WILL hate myself for it. I will find somewhere I realize this was the place I was thinking about all along. My place of only daydreams and written words until now. I’ll know in my heart it’s right when I get there. I’ll make it my own. I will mark that town with my emotions and paint the skyline technicolor. I will be happy and alive. Ready for the next slice of life.

I will make that big move.

Missy ♥


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