To the “quirky” friend

Girl, let me tell you it isn’t easy being you. You’re the funny girl who just happens to have chubbier cheeks or thighs than all your friends. You walk in with them, feeling on top of the world but as you begin to realize you’re the odd ball out. Those guys aren’t staring at you, they are staring at them and you just happen to be there. You start to worry you’ll never find someone because everyone thinks of you as “a sister” “a friend” or don’t acknowledge you at all. But sweetie, don’t fall down….don’t give up on yourself. You’ll realize that as you get older, your wit and personality as well as the way you carry yourself will attract the right attention. Its within you that this process starts, I know its hard watching all your friends get boyfriends and you’re starting to sympathize with chandler bing on the daily but it’s a better life than you realize. You become observant to everything and everyone around you, you’re standards become high and your advice becomes perfect. You realize that you’re emotional, but that only means that you know exactly how to help you’re friends through tough break ups. You realize that you aren’t going to let your imperfections get you down, you’ll find your own style and your own humor and guess what… You’ll be applauded for it. Right now, you couldn’t possibly think of someone who would fall in love with you because you need to fall in love with you first. Express your self love, body confidence and inner strength and you’ll become who you want to be, not your friends, not a covergirl but…..just you and you’ll realize that “just you” is pretty beautiful too.

Stay beautiful,



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