Tips to calm the anxious mind

This post is a little different than my usual, just because it’s something that I hold near and dear to my heart. I have been struggling with anxiety a lot this year, nervous tendencies and thoughts which lead to stress and anxiety attacks. So naturally, I look to the internet and my friends for ways to deal with my nervousness. Here I have compiled some of what I think were the most beneficial and inspirational things I read this year.

  1. Find your own space – this seems silly and cliche but nothing helps an anxious person more than having a place without noise and distraction to ease your mind. Find a spot where you can be alone, read a book, check your blog or take a nap, do something that makes you happy and those nervous thoughts melt away.
  2. Remember to breathe – another cliche but sometimes breathing is the last thing on your mind when you’re mid-anxiety attack or internal mental breakdown. Sitting down or standing whatever you prefer, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Once you feel your heartbeat start to regulate, you feel so much better and a lot less exhausted.
  3. Be open about it – People want to help you, you just have to allow them in and let them know exactly how they can. Panic attacks are scary but it’s even scarier for the people around you who watch you helplessly freak out without an idea in the world how they can help. The sooner you let people know to leave you alone, grab you water, remind you to breathe…the sooner it becomes easier for people to understand you and your panic attacks and it becomes a lot less stressful during the situation and you don’t become overwhelmed by their questions
  4. Don’t let it stop you – You are not your anxiety and you are not your panic attacks. Don’t revolve your life around this problem. You are still an amazing person, you have the ability to do incredible things no matter your disorder. Stay strong and continue your life thinking about all the amazing things to come instead of when you’ll have your next panic attack.
  5. Listen to happy music – Sad music can send your mind through a spiral of prior events that may cause you to panic. If you’ve been in a low mood for a couple of days, keep a playlist of upbeat and carefree music. It really has helped me when preparing final papers, before tests or performances!

Anxiety sucks but you’ve got this, you’re strong and powerful and beautiful.


~Missy ~


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