The true workings of inner beauty

While working on a Mass Comm project, focusing on the objectification of women in mass media markets, I stumbled upon a great article. It’s main focus was on how many women, look at ourselves in comparison to others. The article stated that at around the age of eight, girls are already wondering how they can become thinner. That’s not even the scariest part of this article.

The freakiest thing for me was how the female mind has been molded to believe that the stereotypes in society are what is considered beautiful. Women are constantly compared to someone else. It was stated that the longer that women just merely sit in front of a television, the less they accept their bodies. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

One thing that fuels this self-hate fire is girl on girl hate. Yes, I am not solely putting the blame on men. Girls can be very mean. They can rip apart each other verbally until someone ends up at their breaking point, bullying can even take lives. We spend so much time hurting each other because of jealousy that we think will make us feel better but it won’t. In fact, it makes us feel worse. We unleash this angry, trying to find flaws within each other because we’re all insecure. We all want to be perfect and there’s always someone who seems more beautiful or confident. Sometimes it’s because someone has a perfect relationship and you crave that feeling. Sometimes it’s because everything seems to be handed to them on a silver platter and you’re working your butt off trying to compete.

Ladies, what i’m going to say is STOP. Down to our DNA, we are all unique. We are unlike any other human on earth and that is so cool. You have the chance to your own person. Beautiful and strong or fragile and caring or any combination in between, you’re…! No one should be able to tell you exactly who you should be, so don’t let them. It’s hard to understand the fact that you are perfect just the way you are, trust me, the process of self love is rocky and long but it’s going to be so worth the wait. Once we all stop picking on each other to feel better about ourselves, cheering each other on and recognizing everyone’s beauty, inner and outer….we’re going to be even more powerful.

Get past that make-up and sundress, there’s tons of powerful women in your presence. Everyone has the ability to make ground-breaking, life-changing discoveries. Let that sink in. Not just you, but the lovely ladies around you, they hold that power too. So why bring them down? We all have so much too offer the world and talking about how bad someone’s hair looks or how short someone’s skirt is doesn’t reveal how smart someone is or how powerful she could be. So I say, let’s start to love.

No, that doesn’t mean everyone has to be your best friend. You don’t have to compliment every girl you see but….stand up for powerful women. If someone around you is bringing someone down, bring up something wonderful they have done to even the playing field. See a girl who looks a little down, say hi, compliment her outfit or strike up a conversation. It’s in our hands to start the trend of body positivity, inner beauty and understanding each other past our appearances. Every girl deserves to be told that she’s beautiful, she’s important and that she’s powerful…..because you all are!

Be that change, watch each other blossom and let’s become more than our looks.

You’re beautiful, I promise.

Missy ♥



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