I should probably be sleeping but here I am

Writing is one of the very few things on this earth that I can confidently say keeps me sane, keeps me enthusiastic and happy. When you light that writer spark, nothing but beauty flows onto the page.
I have not had an easy life and I have taken many things for granted in my 19 years of existence but that’s not completely a bad things. Through these tolls and twists and turns, the worst experiences have become my best writing.
“Everything happens for a reason” is the statement everyone has told me throughout my entire life and I take that as a nice way of saying “you’re life sucks but you’re completely in charge of the future of it”
….you can’t always focus on the good, I’ve learned that the hard way, now I find it hard to take criticism with my head held high but you can’t just focus on the bad either. Both ways leave you naive or bitter.
A friend once told me that she takes her life day by day. She focuses solely on the present. This causes me an immense amount of jealousy because that’s what I’m striving for. To find peace within myself and take whatever comes my way with an iron fist. But….right now that iron fist is wrapped a dinky aluminum foil cover, shielding me from the unknown.
Though I have far to go to become self confident, self loving and headstrong I know that deep down, there is a fighter itching for me to pull her out and wear her attitude proudly.
What I’m saying is that you don’t have to be one person, you can be sensitive, smart, confident, loving, competitive and caring all wrapped in one awesome person. You just need to know how to use each wisely.

To self discovery *clinks glass*




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