In love with the idea of love without ever really being in love

I love cheesy 80’s romantic comedies, which is the reason for my immediate downfall. I want to expect way too much. Like a wise woman (Emma Stone in easy A) once said, “I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window. I wanna ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me.” How unrealistically predictable right? But recently I realized that you can separate reality from fiction and not completely crumble when he doesn’t hold a boombox at your window.

I read romantic YA novels because I know that they will have me smiling the entire time because I know that Romeo will get Juliet at whatever cost. The nerdy boy will achieve social acceptance and get the girl of his dreams, the shy girl will burst out of her shell and become a shadow of who she once was. I love that feeling of love, what seems like true love. A couple holding hands on the sidewalk, an elderly couple kissing each other’s cheeks and teenagers horribly trying to flirt at the park…..i’m jealous of them all.

I’m obsessed with finding that niche, that one person who sweep me off my feet and make my dreams come true… theory. In reality, I know that’s not quite possible. Fairy-tales and movies are those things for a reason, they are amped up for the audience. Who would go see a movie about two people who like each other, do things correctly and just tell each other and date then die? No one. Everyone wants that romantic Nicholas Sparks kiss in the rain, those goofy characters that blossom into beautiful butterflies at the end of the movie, etc.

So here’s what i’m left to think, could someone be in love with the idea of unrealistic love without taking it to the extreme? I think so, loving to see Rose and Jack’s titanic struggle isn’t going to damage your perspective unless you end up at sea and push you beloved off a door that clearly could fit both of you (i’m really bitter), you’ll be okay. As long as you discover the difference between dramatized love and true love you’ll be just fine. Until then i’ll re watch clueless and fangirl over Paul Rudd until i’m blue in the face. Prince charming may not be in my future but there’s someone….for everyone (crowd goes “awww”)


End scene,



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